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Hello World!

We are frustrated by attitudes we've encountered where scale is everything and people are just numbers, so we started Not a Number.

We don't believe we're the only ones that feel this way.

Plenty of business make huge profits without strip mining their customers or employees. We also believe that happy and productive employees work the hardest, and so the focus of business leadership should be to ensure that their employees are feeling fulfilled while pointing them at problems the business needs solved.

"It isn't that easy", you say! "How do we even start", you cry! Well, that's what we're here for 😉

our mission Build products for humans that make them happy and productive at whatever they choose to do

We do this by focusing on the following areas:

Do fewer things, but in a delightful way.

We believe products should be concentrated around the greatest user needs, those that give the biggest bang for buck and most move the needle for the business. We'd rather give you something focused and impactful than a one-size-fits-none behemoth.

An obsessive focus on the user.

We care about UX (User Experience). We want to give users tools that make their lives easier, and we think it's great if you're productive but amazing if you're happy at the same time.

Nail responsiveness and reliability.

Slow feels clunky and frustrating. It does not spark joy. Worse than slow, is unreliable. Some products only work on the third Thursday of every other month, if you're wearing green.

Be passionate about Automation.

The fastest tasks are the ones that you don't have to do. We're big believers in letting machines do the boring, repetitive tasks. That frees up us humans to focus on the less well defined, more creative problems. We're experts at automating the boring stuff.